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2010 free agent overload?

January 15, 2009

Joel Sherman said on XM’s Home Plate station this morning that there remain over 100 free agents without jobs. If a large number of these players end up going into February without deals, is it possible that most of the remainder get 1-year contracts? Players may want to hold out rather than sign a depressed-value multi-year contract, with the hope that the economy will recover and they can earn more per year in a deal starting in 2010.¬†Could we see a huge number of FAs in 2010 if this signing pattern occurred?

Right now, the big ticket players expected to be on the market in 2010 look to be John Lackey, Matt Holliday, and Jason Bay. Lackey and Bay are negotiating extensions now, and are expected to work out deals with their current teams (Angels and Red Sox). If the economy stays the same or only gets marginally better, Matt Holliday could be in trouble. With the Red Sox out of the market (full outfield with Bay, Ellsbury, and Drew), Holliday and Boras will have a hard time driving up Holliday’s price if the current crop of all-hit, no-field outfielders (Dunn, Abreu, perhaps even Manny) end up trying their luck again on the market. Holliday is probably a more valuable player than these other options, but cheap alternatives will likely prevent teams from paying huge premiums for marginal improvement and increased risk from a multi-year contract.